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The Dance of the Balls
Paperback  Paperback  
David Johnson, is a thirty year-old electronic engineer who is clever, lazy and charming. While looking for the formula that would 'set him up' for life, he had a brilliant idea: to plant hardware and software in the lottery machine of the Lottery Company, through which it would be possible to control the winning numbers. In this way, he planned to collect the prize money every week and enjoy the sweet life without any financial limitations. An imaginary tale Not necessarily- after you read the book, you will think otherwise David is a man with an uncontrollable drive to gain wealth and power. This motivates him to face dangers in order to obtain his desires and oppose his adversary who covets his money. Will he defeat his opponent? How will he solve his inner conflict between fortune and his true deep love for Sandy, who loathes money and is thirsty for love and a warm home? The plot takes twists and turns and carries David and his winnings to exotic, far-away places around the world and catches him up in hallucinatory events far different than he had expected. The plot continues to surprise up until the end of this thrilling book
Genre: Thrillers
Published: Sep 2007
Publisher: Authorhouse
ISBN13: 9781434323460
ISBN10: 1434323463
Pages: 348