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Lethal Mercy
Paperback  Paperback  

Was it medicine? Mercy? Or murder? For the sake of his conscience, Jake has to find outG''before a paranoid stalker exacts his revenge.

When pregnant Sarah Hampton dies suddenly at an alternative cancer treatment facility, an enraged community demands to know whether her physician-husband assisted her death. Suffering from traumatic amnesia, Jake Hampton would like to know too. He strongly opposes assisted suicide, and yet his wife was suffering such agonyG''is it possible he helped her die?

After barely avoiding a murder trial, and hoping to regain his memory and unravel the questions he's not sure he wants answered, Jake joins a medical practice in his former hometown. Once there, he not only continues to encounter public suspicion, but receives subtle and threatening clues from an unidentified stalker. Are his wife's death and the stalker's appearance mere coincidence? Or is someone trying to destroy him completely?

In this medical thriller, practicing surgeon and accomplished novelist Harry Kraus uses complex characters, fascinating medical details, and depictions of spiritual warfare to keep readers riveted. This edition of Lethal Mercy features a new cover design and is the follow-up to Kraus's Fated Genes and Stainless Steal Hearts.

Genre: Christian
Published: Jul 2009
Publisher: Crossway Books
ISBN13: 9781433506963
ISBN10: 1433506963
Pages: 400