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Paperback  Paperback  
Evil unlike the world has ever known is unleashed on the earth. Symone Carter is left behind to face the chaos with a small remnant of Believers, fighting to stay alive beneath the growing canopy of darkness. The Reavers, enigmatic soldiers of Thanin Drake, hunt them at every turn. And now, not only are the Reavers hunting them, but ravening demons called Morgs roam the earth killing any they can find. Fleeing the destruction of Chicago, Symone must travel to Miami to locate the last remaining stronghold of the Remnant in America. Even as she searches out the Remnant, the assassin known only as Creed is sent by the enemy to infiltrate and destroy the hidden stronghold. But will he betray them all and throw away the last vestiges of his humanity? Hunted from without and within, the Remnant must face the darkness engulfing the earth with only the light of their faith, and the belief that their Lord will appear in the clouds to save them. The Reavers are coming, razing what is left of the destroyed city to find them, bringing with them demons from the foulest of nightmares. Helplessly, Symone watches the demons close in about them...
Genre: Christian
Published: Jul 2012
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN13: 9781432795467
ISBN10: 1432795465
Pages: 262