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Murphy's Town
Paperback  Paperback  
Murphy's Town Written by Janie Doyle-Mansfield What a father won't do for his Children! There is no doubt in the world how much love is between a father and his daughters. He will protect them at all costs. This father will prove that beyond actions and words. Whatever it takes he will not breakdown. Love and family is all that matters. Colonel James Michael Murphy, Jr. comes home from one war to fight another one at home. He will do whatever it takes to solve one of the most horrendous crimes he could ever have imagined. Nothing will stop him! Nothing at all! No matter how hard they try. Colonel Murphy's twenty five years in the United States Army did not prepare him for this mission. A mission unlike no other he ever experienced before and hopefully will never have to experience again. The wounds he sustained in Afghanistan could never come close to the pain he will suffer on this fateful journey. For his daughters, he will do what he has to make sure that they are safe and secure. Colonel Murphy will make certain that no harm will come to either of them. The crime wave that has engulfed his beloved hometown was shocking and unacceptable to Colonel Murphy. We all have heard that "War is hell", and this is a very true statement. The hell that is about to rain down on the Murphy family, no one could have prepared for. What Colonel Murphy lived through on the battlefield could not even come close to what he was going to have to live through when he got home. Expect the unexpected. Who does he trust? Who doesn't he trust? Who does he believe? Who doesn't he believe? Who is behind all of this? Murder, mayhem and everything in between; Colonel Murphy will see it all on his path to righteousness. With the help of his childhood friend Peter Andres Brown, who is a Senior Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigations, proves to be a major help for Colonel Murphy. Without Agent Brown's support, this journey could have proven to be impossible to solve. A long road lies ahead for the Murphy family but as Colonel Murphy's says, "As long as we work together and have each other, we can accomplish anything." This statement will prove to be one of the truest ever said... With God's help and his family they will embark on this journey together. His mission has been made clear. Whatever it takes to restore peace to his beloved hometown and bring closure to his family is what he will do... A tribute written for her father by Colonel Murphy's eldest daughter, this story shows the importance of family and God. That somehow or some way justice does get served. It wasn't easy but they made it through. Some might say that there was divine intervention. You will have to be the judge of that. We would like to thank you today for reading Murphy's Town. You must always keep in mind that no matter what, you can get through any experience with God, love and family. Always remember to tell the ones near and dear to you how much you love them because you never know when it will be the last time.
Genre: Suspense
Published: Jan 2012
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN13: 9781432782214
ISBN10: 1432782215
Pages: 182