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Medicine's Dark Side
Paperback  Paperback  
A novel that entertains as well as teaches.
Science builds on science, one block on top of another. Understanding and discovery are never an easy process.
Only with time, the gradual acceptance in the mind of the public will effectively give away to the vivid realization; things are not as pure or innocent as those in control would have us believe.
This book is a novel. However, the information sources given as references are real. To get the average person to consume the volume of information necessary to glean the diamonds of truth that are needed to make an informed decision, is about as likely as teaching a cat trigonometry.
The cited sources used are believed to be authentic in relation to the historical and sociological vantage point in the period of time in question.
This text or any portion of any cited should not be considered medical advice. The author contends the right to exercise artistic license en regards to the information related. Any persons needing medical care or advice should seek out qualified medical professionals.
Genre: Medical
Published: Dec 2007
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN13: 9781432710194
ISBN10: 1432710192
Pages: 632