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I Am a Forgotten Man': Yuri's Odyssey
Paperback  Paperback  
Odysseus' best friend was black (Homer, Odyssey 19.246-8). This is *his* odyssey--ahead of his time and perpetually out of place. A novel script raunchily told in three acts. Act I: Europe ('She Musta Bin Somethin' Else'); Act II: Wanderings ('An Arbitrary Ass Of A God'); Act III: Amazonia ('All Wars Are Not For Helen'); Epilogue ('A Man Among Fish'). Cast of characters includes Eurybates (Yuri), Penelope (and Siren), Odysseus (Yuli), Menelaos, Agamemnon, Iphigeneia (and shepherd boy and Siren), Achilles, Captain Phoenix, Proteus, Thelonius, Marley, Miles, Dexter, Helen, Jobson, Polyphemus (a Cyclops), Calypso (also a Siren), Niobe, Chavez, Queen Politeia, and President Monica Magnacarta.
Genre: Fiction
Published: Jul 2007
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN13: 9781430323686
ISBN10: 143032368X
Pages: 132