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The Bloodcicle Agent
Paperback  Paperback  
Peter Faulkner, a graduate student in microbiology, called his wife to tell her he'd be late, and made the mistake of calling from his mentor's office. Catching Peter in his presumably locked office when he returned unexpectedly, Professor Jergens was enraged, mistakenly thinking Peter had seen secret material. The Professor's suspicions set in motion a series of events that, before they had run their course, led to numerous deaths that seemed to be due to some mysterious poison or infection. Peter found himself in the middle, accused of the murders, and fighting for his life to try to solve the mystery of what was causing the deaths. The agent was extremely mysterious, killing but leaving no trace of itself. Could Peter solve the mystery of this deadly agent, while being hounded by powerful and sinister forces that didn't want this secret exposed?
Genre: Medical
Published: Dec 2007
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN13: 9781425757656
ISBN10: 1425757650
Pages: 260