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Paperback  Paperback  
Doctor Klein looked into his young patient's eyes, his heart going out to him. This was not easy for him, needing to tell Gene he was paralyzed from the neck down. He wondered where the parents were. They should be here, beside him, especially now.

Gene shouldn't face this news alone. Gene couldn't believe it. No, he couldn't be paralyzed; hell, he was too young. He had his whole life to live! How could that be? It finally started to sink in. Yes, he was paralyzed and he better get used to it.

What else did the doctor say: There might be a chance at making his life "somewhat normal again?" If he were willing to participate in a radically new procedure he might be given a second chance. Bosch Research was offering him an opportunity. Should he take it? Of course he should. He would do anything in order to change what he had now become. There was only one small problem. Before they began he would need to do deal with Cynthia, his nurse. She had become somewhat of a thorn. She was obsessed with him, loving him but – more importantly, loving the control. Cynthia had other plans. She would do whatever it took in order to keep him just the way he was: helpless.
Genre: Medical
Published: Aug 2009
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN13: 9781425156275
ISBN10: 1425156274
Pages: 340