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Irish Magic II
Mass Market  Mass Market  
This title contains stories that include 'The Changeling' by Susan Wiggs, 'To Recapture the Light' by Morgan Llywelyn, 'Earthly Magic' by Barbara Samuel, and 'Bride Price' by Roberta Gellis. 'The Changeling' - All her life, Aislinn Finn has longed for love, but the family curse has kept her from romance of any kind. And then a bold cowboy from Texas visits, bringing feelings of passion and tenderness that she's never had before...'To Recapture the Light' - As one of the Sidhe, Lasair has little interest in the mortal world. Until she meets a wandering artist whose passionate touch entwines them in a magical spell of everlasting love...'Earthly Magic' - When Ciarann summons the fairy prince, she is unaware of the potent magic she is unleashing. The only one who can save her is a darkly handsome bard whose pure music finally opens her heart to love...'Bride Price' - Findbhair has waited ten years for the man to whom she was bound in marriage. And now that Fraoch has come, she vows that no family trickery shall keep her away from her one true love...
Genre: Romance
Published: Jun 2009
Publisher: Zebra
ISBN13: 9781420106626
ISBN10: 1420106627
Co-Author: Morgan Llywelyn
Editor: Barbara Samuel
Pages: 380