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Conception: The Others
Paperback  Paperback  
Conception By Sarah McCarty An unwilling victim of an experiment gone wrong, mother to a child who shouldn't exist, Eden Lavery knows only one person strong enough to stand between the Coalition's fanatical quest for immortality and their threat to her daughter—Dusan Knight. Six-foot-three-inches of solid muscle, Deuce wears his power with the easy confidence that comes from six centuries of commanding the Chosen, the inspiration for vampire lore. But Deuce isn't just a source of legend. He's the man she loves. The man she had ultimately betrayed. From the moment Eden reenters his life, holding the miracle of a Chosen child in her arms, Deuce burns with the need to complete their joining. Everything about Eden, from her sassy sense of humor to her delectably stacked body, was made for him. But some things are easier decided than done. Amidst a race for survival, against an enemy that cannot be destroyed for fear of extinction, Deuce must fight for the future of his people, and to convince Eden the passion between them is more than illusion. She is his Chosen mate and nothing—not her fears, the Coalition, nor death itself—will take her away from him.
Genre: Erotica
Published: Apr 2006
Publisher: Booksurge Llc
ISBN13: 9781419953996
ISBN10: 1419953990
Pages: 348