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Hello, Darkness
Mass Market  Mass Market  
Radio host Paris Gibson is distraught when, after she advises a female caller to break up with her boyfriend, 'Valentino,' that caller is kidnapped and held captive by said boyfriend. 'Valentino' then calls Paris and informs her that he will kill his girlfriend within 72 hours and that once that deed is done, he will come after Paris. Fearing for her life, and for the life of 'Valentino's' victim, Paris seeks the help of her former lover Dean Malloy, a handsome police psychiatrist. It is soon reveled that 'Valentino's' victim is Janey Kemp, the 17-year-old founder of the 'Sex Club'--an internet website on which teenagers can arrange sexual encounters. The investigation becomes even more complicated and personal for Dean when he learns that his own teenage son was a frequent visitor the the 'Sex Club' site. Will Dean and Paris be able to save Janey and unmask 'Valentino's' true identity before he makes Paris his next victim?
Genre: Suspense
Published: Oct 2006
Publisher: Pocket Star Books
ISBN13: 9781416537779
ISBN10: 1416537775
Pages: 560