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Murphy's Way
Paperback  Paperback  
Murphy's WayBy Anthony Stewart HigginsPeter was born in Rotorua, New Zealand to a working class family. With the influence of a dominant father, Peter soon learned to use violence and intimidation to get what he wanted. It wasn't his true nature, but one in which he had learned from both his father and the neighbourhood in which he was surrounded. He had an average upbringing, but tarnished it by choosing only to see what he wanted to see; hence, his outlook on life remained distorted. Peter was a great mate to the guys, but unfortunately, it never extended to any woman, for he only viewed them as tools in which to quench his gratification for sex. A welder by trade, Peter finds himself out of work due to his hot temper and unhealthy attitude towards authority. Out of the blue, he scores a once-in-a-lifetime job in Hamilton and moves there to start a new life. He becomes a foreman and is enrolled at the local technical institute part-time to study business papers as part of his supervisory training. Within a few short months, he's dating the boss's daughter, who is both beautiful and intelligent, and his life is dramatically different from the dreary slog he was used to on the shop floor.Simply a dream come true for this once wild boy from Rotorua.Unfortunately, misfortune strikes when Peter revisits his mates for an unplanned party while the love of his life is in Auckland on a course. With the steady consumption of alcohol, old habits start to resurface. Before Peter can come to his senses, he finds himself alone with a young woman who is as sexually charged as he is and succumbs to her voluptuous body in a frenzy of unbridled sex in a hay barn. But the worst is yet to come. Riddenwith guilt, Peter heads to his local bar to sort himself out and seek temporary respite in familiar surroundings. Unfortunately, he is caught driving his car while drunk on the way home, and ends up in jail. It is here that his past revisits with a vengeance
Genre: Mystery & Detective
Published: Dec 2003
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN13: 9781413421590
ISBN10: 1413421598
Pages: 256