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Pandora's Theorem
Hardcover  Hardcover  
Late one evening, Canada's Minister of Health, Raymond Carter is electrocuted by a renowned international terrorist in his Ottawa townhouse. Then Roger Davidson, the Deputy Minister of Health, is murdered, possibly by the same assassin. The country is shocked and confused; the Royal Canadian Mounted Police don't have any idea where to begin to solve the murders.

But then Ben Jamison, a psychology student at Ryerson, has come up with an unlikely solution. Countless hours spent doing research in the library have unearthed an inconspicuous connection between the deaths of the two men. He details his ideas in a very thorough but unbelievably far-fetched theorem that makes a suspect of an obscure industrialist and corporate titan.

His proposed perpetrator has some mighty allies and one evening, on the streets of downtown Toronto, an attempt to murder him is a very near miss that claims the life of his best friend. His theorem has come to the attention of someone who wishes to silence him. Permanently!

With nowhere to turn and running scared, Ben blends into the anonymity of Toronto's Church and Wellesley District. After reading about the deaths of Carter and Davidson in the Toronto Sun, he connects with reporter Dannielle Vallierre and makes her understand that Ottawa's handling of the assassinations is one of the biggest scandals in Canadian history. Side by side they try to hide while trying to hang on to their lives in order to get to the truth in Pandora's Theorem.

Genre: Suspense
Published: Nov 2003
Publisher: Authorhouse
ISBN13: 9781410794994
ISBN10: 1410794997
Pages: 264