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Hygeia: A City of Health (Dodo Press)
Paperback  Paperback  
Sir Benjamin Ward Richardson (1828-1896) was an eminent British physician, anaesthetist, physiologist, sanitarian, and a prolific writer on medical history. He brought into use, no less than fourteen anesthetics, of which methylene bichloride is the best known, and he invented the first double-valved mouthpiece for use in the administration of chloroform. He also made known the peculiar properties of amyl nitrite, a drug which was largely used in the treatment of angina pectoris, and he introduced the bromides of quinine, iron and strychnia, ozonized ether, styptic and iodized colloid, peroxide of hydrogen, and ethylate of soda, substances which were soon largely used by the medical profession. In 1854, he was awarded the Fothergillian gold medal by the Medical Society of London for an essay on the Diseases of the Fetus in Utero. In 1856, he gained the Astley Cooper triennial prize of 300 guineas for his essay on The Coagulation of the Blood. In 1893, he was knighted in recognition of his eminent services to humanitarian causes.
Genre: Medical
Published: Apr 2008
Publisher: Dodo Press
ISBN13: 9781409901006
ISBN10: 1409901009
Pages: 48