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Mr. Darcy's Daughter: The Acclaimed Pride and Prejudice Sequel Series
Paperback  Paperback  
Mr. Darcy's Daughter is a remarkable story in which a strong-minded woman struggles to balance the competing demands of duty and family during the political and social changes sweeping through England in the Victorian era.

In this fifth installment of the bestselling series from Australia, The Pemberley Chronicles, the Darcys' daughter Cassy, happily married and the mother of five, faces a difficult challenge when her brother Julian falters in his role as heir to the Pemberley estate.

When Cassy is suddenly thrust into the role of surrogate heir-managing the estate and raising her brother's son-her inner strength emerges. She must strive to keep Pemberley's tenants satisfied and thriving on the estate while the new mores of industrialism pull them toward the cities, and all the while maintaining family relationships both with her husband, children, distressed mother and father, and her errant brother.
Genre: Historical
Published: Nov 2008
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
ISBN13: 9781402212208
ISBN10: 1402212208
Pages: 336