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The Ladies of Longbourn
Paperback  Paperback  
The Ladies of Longbourn is the fourth book in the bestselling series from Australia, The Pemberley Chronicles. Jonathan Bingley, son of Charles and Jane, is now the owner of the Bennet family estate. His wife and daughter, together with Charlotte Collins, widow of the unctuous Mr. Collins, are the Ladies of Longbourn.

Exploring what life was like for women in that era, Ms. Collins explores the themes of how a complex young woman's passionless marriage forces her to find strength both within herself and her family. Her rejection of the conventional marriage without love or passion makes her a truly Austenian heroine.

The original Austen characters-Darcy, Elizabeth, Bingley, and Jane-provide the framework of solid values and commentary upon the characters and unfolding events. Exploring the themes of personal and social responsibility, integrity, and compassion, Collins tells a great story with wit and conviction.
Genre: Historical
Published: Oct 2008
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
ISBN13: 9781402212192
ISBN10: 1402212194
Pages: 292