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Netherfield Park Revisited: The Acclaimed Pride and Prejudice Sequel Series
Paperback  Paperback  
Third in the bestselling Pride and Prejudice sequel series from Australia.

Netherfield Park Revisited is set in mid-Victorian England, at a time of great political and social reform. Jane Austen's characters Elizabeth, Jane, Darcy, and Bingley are observers and commentators whose values and opinions are important elements of the drama as the next generation reaches maturity.

Jonathan Bingley, son of Charles and Jane Bingley, is the new master of Netherfield Park. Jonathan is clever, handsome, and more politically active than his easygoing father, and is a deeply passionate man who faces major crisis in his life and that of his young family. Jonathan Bingley's efforts to deal with the consequences of his and other people's actions lie at the heart of the tale, which is also a love story that tests the strength and inner resources of the characters.

'Ms. Collins has done it again!'-Beverly Wong, author of Pride & Prejudice Prudence
Genre: Historical
Published: Sep 2008
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
ISBN13: 9781402211553
ISBN10: 1402211554
Pages: 301