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The Da Vinci Code
Mass Market  Mass Market  
The curious circumstances of a museum curator’s murder lead Harvard professor Robert Langdon into the heart of a centuries-old religious conspiracy in this follow-up to ANGELS & DEMONS. With help from a French police cryptologist (the curator’s granddaughter), Langdon explores ancient sects and mysterious cults in a race against time to solve a mystery the answer to which will likely change the world forever. THE DA VINCI CODE, which has remained hovering near the top of bestseller lists for more than a year, is now less a book than it is an industry, spawning a whole host of books and videos purporting either to further explicate or poke holes in the controversial historical research upon which the book is based. Especial fans can even take a Parisian tour that takes them to key locations from the novel.
Genre: Thrillers
Published: Mar 2006
Publisher: Bantam Books
ISBN13: 9781400079179
ISBN10: 1400079179
Pages: 489