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Samantha McTaggart and the Fellowship of Travellers, Vol. 1: Morgan's Dream
Paperback  Paperback  
Sam was just six years old when she witnessed the mysterious terrifying event that shaped her life: the kidnapping of her father, James McTaggart, at the hands of a colossal pale man Sam calls The Ghost. The only thing that remains of James McTaggart is the pocket watch he gave Sam moments before he was taken. "That watch has a secret." He said to her. "And you have to keep it safe for me." And then, Sam's Dad was gone. Six years pass before part of that secret is revealed. Strange circumstances lead Sam to an apparently chance meeting with Professor Clarence Sedgwick, a close friend of Sam's father. According to Sedgwick, he and Sam's father are members of a secret society of benevolent time travelers called "The Fellowship of Travelers." Sedgwick has been sent by the Fellowship to protect Sam from a band of renegade time travelers known as "The Fatemakers." It was the Fatemakers who kidnapped Sam's father and, as punishment for his interference with their malevolent plans, abandoned him somewhere in the past. Morgan's DReAM follows Sam as she is initiated into the Fellowship of Travelers and, with Sedgwick's help, follows clues to her father's when (and where) abouts.
Genre: Science Fiction
Published: Sep 2012
Publisher: 11th Dimension Press
ISBN13: 9780988119505
ISBN10: 0988119501
Pages: 252