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Paperback  Paperback  
Imagine looking over your shoulder into the eyes of someone with no conscience--with no sense of guilt, wondering when they will strike! Joseph Gallagher, a charismatic Cardinal of the Church, suffers from an untreated mental illness that compels him to kill. Believing that he is on his deathbed, Gallagher confides in his long time friend, Dr. Jonathan Rogers, the ghastly murder of his son. While expecting forgiveness for his psychopathic act, the Cardinal asks Rogers to seek out the woman who once bore his son, out of wedlock; only to discover that she is hell bent on a path of personal revenge, threatening public disclosure of Gallagher's darkest secrets. In Rome, Bishop Peter Shuls, a conniving insider who will stop at nothing to ensure the election of the Cardinal as the next Pope, pins Rogers against the ominous Door of Death, threatening that he must take to his grave anything that Gallagher might have confessed about his shadowy past. Will Rogers be able to stop the murderous rampage of those a heartbeat away from hijacking the Papacy? With every page you flip in reading in this medical mystery thriller, you will find yourself more and more looking over your shoulder, fearful of where evil is constantly lurking.
Genre: Suspense
Published: Sep 2012
Publisher: Michael Rushnak Books
ISBN13: 9780985894412
ISBN10: 0985894415
Pages: 392