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Terminal Neglect
Paperback  Paperback  
In TERMINAL NEGLECT, it's never a question of whether the HEALTH CLUB will kill. It's only a matter of whether ANYONE is willing to risk sacrificing THEIR own life to dare to stop them! A pharmaceutical "whistle blower" is murdered. Within hours, Health Commissioner, Dr. Jonathan Rogers is shot after interviewing with the President of the United States for the position of Surgeon General. Rogers awakens from surgery with a shocking medical finding and soon discovers that he's been targeted by a sinister cult known, inexplicably, as The Health Club. Who will be next to die? Dr. Jonathan Rogers is a crusading physician whose lifelong dream is to be appointed Surgeon General so that he can improve healthcare for all Americans. But, there is another "dream" lurking in any direction he turns--a nightmarish scheme by a ruthless club of top ranking governmental officials, corporate officers and even practicing physicians in key positions of authority. Unless their agenda is destroyed, this wicked crew will unleash a deadly drug upon an unsuspecting public. Rogers is given a life or death ultimatum by The Health Club. Look the other way and he will achieve his dream at the expense of the tens of thousands of innocent patients who will die taking the blockbuster drug; or the doctor can choose to suffer the lethal wrath of the powerful, sinister, and far reaching Health Club.
Genre: Medical
Published: Aug 2012
Publisher: Michael Rushnak Books
ISBN13: 9780985894405
ISBN10: 0985894407
Pages: 298