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The Shootists
Paperback  Paperback  
Twelve men share a common dream of living an exciting life in the old west. They love to play weekend cowboy by performing old-western-style gunfights for hire. When contracted to perform for a rich west Texas rancher they find themselves mysteriously transported back in time to what they soon believe to be the late 1800's. The lawmen become the stern no nonsense keepers of the peace hell bent on upholding the law in their town. The outlaws find themselves forced to become what they portray in their shows. Some reluctant to live a life of crime. Others embracing it somewhat enthusiastically. They all very quickly realize living the cowboy life is in no way as easy as they had dreamed it would be.
Genre: Westerns
Published: Apr 2009
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
ISBN13: 9780981974200
ISBN10: 0981974201
Pages: 212