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Die Once Live Twice
Hardcover  Hardcover  
From the heart and mind of world-renowned orthopedic surgeon, Lawrence Dorr, M.D., comes an unforgettable historical novel, Die Once Live Twice, that combines a physician s skill, intellect and knowledge of medicine with wonderful story-telling,
creating a book that celebrates the origins and miracle of modern medicine.

Die Once Live Twice is an epic page-turner that begins in Philadelphia before the Civil War and carries us through to the eve of World War II, bringing to life the drama of scientific discovery and the extraordinary achievements of modern medicine from its early days to the pioneering use of vaccinations, never-before performed surgeries, and finally to the discovery of penicillin. A who s who of the history of medicine, this novel seamlessly weaves together memorable fictional characters with medical luminaries of the 19th and early 20th century, telling the story of the miracle workers who changed the face of medical care forever.

The story begins in 1850, when eleven-year-old Katherine Lovington must care for a mother dying of breast cancer. This agonizing experience transforms her life, and she vows to find a way to help medicine truly heal rather than simply offer morphine and sympathy.

Lawrence Dorr has created compelling characters who struggle for their lives as we witness the first radical mastectomy, see the administration of the first antitoxin against diphtheria and witness breakthroughs in orthopedic surgery. As readers, we witness the unfolding of medical history and share the very triumphs of effort, insight and courage over superstition, fear, and ignorance that the doctors of the day experienced. Together we live through the vivid and powerful lives of those whose dreams changed the world.
Genre: Medical
Published: Nov 2011
Publisher: Roundtree Press
ISBN13: 9780981742564
ISBN10: 0981742564
Pages: 400