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Run, Don't Walk Part 3
Paperback  Paperback  
Can you believe it? Miss Joan Degron has encounters that Radcliff didn't prepare her for. or did it? Two-Ton Carmen thinks he has the solution for the Capo di Capo dwarf of all dwarfs. We'll see about that. Marty and Leah decide to stroll through Central Park at night Need I say more. Captain Mike and his brother, Rako, come to New York City seeking Mike's daughter, Pat. You remember the Japanese schoolteacher with the Jewish surname. Does Father Gongoti now control one third of the New York Diocese? Who knows? The 'Spy, ' Pa Haley and the Boys pull off the heist of the year with a few complications. Aaron Sussman makes a deal. A drugged Sgt. MacDougal continues. I guess you might say, still investigating. Mr. John Moon makes a comeback of sorts. Aunt Sally and her famed rosary beads. They both miss the parade to honor all Italians and the first ever Gay March. Then there's the Great Escape and the Great Blackout. But to the rescue comes Frances J.O'Rourke, the leader of Emergency Control. Natural has the solution to it all. Lena, Rosie, and Popcorn are dancing away in the City of their Dreams. Where else? New York City.
Genre: Fiction
Published: Sep 2006
Publisher: Hutton Electronic Publishing
ISBN13: 9780978517144
ISBN10: 0978517148
Pages: 448