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Run, Don't Walk Part 2
Paperback  Paperback  
In Part II, the four people who have been abducted, a school teacher, a subway employee a cabdriver and a doctor causes Sgt. MacDougal to begin investigating their disappearances. Where are they? Who knows? Good luck Sgt. MacDougal. J.J. has many trials and tribulations in his travels as he hunts for his brother-in-law. Harry Grich, a milkman, makes a delivery he'll never forget. The oddly dressed one who's called the 'spy' has a plan that will get him up to the 'Upper East Side.' Neeral LeCab, a stripper who's being featured in a Broadway show, takes the wrong cab. Sgt. MacDougal makes contact with Malcolm the C.I.A. agent. I guess you could call it that. J.J. O'Brien and Uncle George have a telephone conversation. Ditto. Along comes Seven and Little Lil, two young film makers of sorts. Billy Blood, aka the Baron, visits Irish Santos, a printer extraordinary. And let us not forget, Mr. Angelo Bertellini, owner of 'Cheeses of the World.' All these and still others will prepare you for Part III of Run Don't Walk.
Genre: Fiction
Published: Sep 2006
Publisher: Hutton Electronic Publishing
ISBN13: 9780978517137
ISBN10: 097851713X
Pages: 480