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The Hole: Consumer Culture, Volume 1: Open
Hardcover  Hardcover  
The Hole: Consumer Culture' is a science fiction horror story about the buying and selling of race in America, the simultaneous worship and degradation of African Americans in popular culture, and the tearing down of physical and psychological boundaries. CEO Carla Bonte' wants voodoo to be a national religion--a hyperbolic 'hyper voodoo' that uses an advanced technology marketed through a multinational corporation. Papa Legba, voodoo spirit of the crossroads, stands in opposition to 'hyper voodoo' and the consumer culture that propels it. Complete with biting postmodern satire, a visual hip-hop aesthetic, an annotated bibliography, and essays on the academic theory behind the story, 'The Hole' stands at the crossroads of interdisciplinary education--fearlessly combining African American studies, media and comparative scholarship, horror, science fiction, comedy, and iconic teaching tools.
Genre: Science Fiction
Published: Apr 2008
Publisher: Front Forty Press
ISBN13: 9780977868926
ISBN10: 0977868923
Co-Author: John Jennings
Editor: John Jennings
Pages: 162