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Many generations have passed since the harrowing journey of Centurion Longinus, the Roman soldier who pierced the side of Jesus with his spear while the condemned one hung from the cross, as told in Longinus: Book I of the Merlin Factor. Now, in Myrriddin: Book II of the Merlin Factor, a young boy, Myrriddin, has found sacred relics of the early Christians in the ruins of an ancient Druid temple. The lad connects with one item in particular, the spear of Longinus, the very spear that pierced the side of Jesus and allegedly holds the power of Christ. The world will know this boy as Merlin, the greatest druid and wizard of all time. Follow the tale of the boy turned young man, as he learns the power within his own being and the power within the spear that speaks to him of ancient times and eternal knowledge.
Genre: Fairy Tales, Folklore & Mythology
Published: Jul 2009
Publisher: Purple Haze Press
ISBN13: 9780977320080
ISBN10: 0977320081
Discs: 4