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Kevin Murphy Takes on the Father of Lies
Paperback  Paperback  
Sixteen-year-old Kevin Murphy lives with his family in Estes Park, Colorado. When his family visits Ireland to explore his father's family history, Kevin thinks the trip will be a lot of sightseeing. Little does he know that his normal life will suddenly be turned topsy-turvy when he meets a real live leprechaun and discovers that fairies, ghosts, and demons aren't just myths. They're real and they're joined in this exciting story by other fascinating characters and creatures including the terrifying ruler of the Shadow World, the Father of Lies who is determined to steal Kevin's soul so he can again roam freely in Ireland. The six-book series, which covers over 18 months in Kevin Murphy's life, is filled with fantasy and adventure enshrouded in the history, myths, mythological creatures, legends, and geography of the five countries Kevin visits.
Genre: Fiction
Published: Aug 2005
Publisher: Book and Software Publishing Corporation
ISBN13: 9780976506607
ISBN10: 0976506602
Pages: 311