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Steel Sky
Hardcover  Hardcover  
In a world of compromised ethics and impossible choices, the survivors of the last global disaster are as estranged from each other as they are from reason. Humans live within the stone and steel Hypogeum, beneath the fluorescent light of an unmoving sun. The air is poison, the population is culled at random by invisible assassins, and privacy is a thing of the past. As tensions between the tightly enforced social castes begin to boil, the Winnower, an ancient spirit of cleansing, is dispatched to rid the city of sinners. But the Winnower cannot escape the consequences of its own misdeeds, and neither can the Hypogeum and its residents. Insightful and running over with wry humor, this futuristic dystopia is hauntingly easy to envision.
Genre: Science Fiction
Published: Apr 2006
Publisher: Independent Pub Group
ISBN13: 9780974573458
ISBN10: 0974573450
Pages: 347