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A Prescription to Kill
Hardcover  Hardcover  
A Prescription to Kill is a spellbinding mystery/thriller that explores the indistinct, darker edges of physician-assisted suicide. Carrie Williams, a brilliant, young medical resident, is assigned to a small town hospital in northern Oregon, the only state in the Union where physician-assisted suicide is legal. She s tall, a little over six feet, confident in her medical abilities, and can be strikingly beautiful when she wants to be. But when a sophisticated-looking physician asks for her help with an assisted suicide, initial curiosity and intrigue are replaced by horror as she realizes that he s not who he says he is, and that she s been used as a tool for murder. Carrie is stripped of her hospital privileges, threatened with the loss of her medical license, and becomes a person of interest in a homicide investigation. Then when she finds her apartment ransacked and her friend murdered she realizes that her life is in danger and that she could be next on the killer s list. A Prescription to Kill is a masterful novel from theSeattle Times bestselling author of Cube
Genre: Medical
Published: Jun 2008
Publisher: Watson Press
ISBN13: 9780972658508
ISBN10: 0972658505
Pages: 314