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Paperback  Paperback  
What do you do if you're an artist who wants to display your soul but no one believes you have one? Geisha is the futuristic tale of Jomi Sohodo, an android with a knack for painting. Adopted early on by the Kami family, Jomi has been assimilated into regular human life - or so she thinks. Society, for all its advances, still regards her as an outcast, as something less than human. This makes it rather difficult for her to sell her paintings, and is she can't do that, she's going to have to find another way to pay her rent. So, to make ends meet, Jomi enters the family bodyguard business and a new world of action and intrigue, complete with supermodels, jealous ex-husbands, maniacal moguls, and the twisted double-cross of art fakery.
Genre: Graphic Novels
Published: Jul 1999
Publisher: Oni Press
ISBN13: 9780966712728
ISBN10: 0966712722
Co-Author: Jamie S. Rich
Pages: 112