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Hardcover  Hardcover  
Bloodless is a riveting novel about the dark side of an industry which controls the most precious fluid on earth-blood. Corruption and cover-ups inside the walls of a secret, not-for-profit, tax-sheltered blood banking industry leave you breathless. It is a story you won't want to believe, but in the end, it will leave you repeating, "Could any of this be possible?" Blood banks are perceived by the public as "Houses of Noble Causes." Fifteen million pints of blood are collected each year because of emotional appeals that have been carefully test-marketed to grab the heart strings of a giving and willing donor public. Gerald Thomas Preston, executive director and Dr. Benjamin Quinn Silvers, medical director, by board decree are forced to share co-director positions at Hamilton Regional Blood Center. Bitter enemies, their individual battles for power and financial greed establish an environment that leads to negligence in the center's blood supply and a cover-up that result in the death of an innocent blood recipient. The victim, who receives the AIDS virus, sues the blood bank and finds herself facing the full might of a powerful industry that will stop at nothing to protect their secret world and their pocketbooks. J. Carter Egan is the passionate director of public relations for the blood center who believes completely in the cause for which she works. She discovers that emergency blood appeals are faked, that blood banking is enormously profitable to the top administrators of the nonprofit company, and that personal jealousies spawn the poisoning of the center's blood supply, a negligence that the administrators attempt to cover up. You will not forget Bloodless.
Genre: Fiction
Published: Jan 1996
Publisher: Glenbridge Publishing,
ISBN13: 9780944435335
ISBN10: 0944435335