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Stainless Steal Hearts
Paperback  Paperback  

All he wants is to finish his residency and become a surgeon. But the truth has to come out--even if it costs him his career.

Surgical resident Matt Stone and two of his friends have uncovered the secret research of hospital chief surgeon Dr. Simons and a local abortionist. The two doctors are running experiments on aborted fetuses, 'stealing' their hearts to give to infants with congenital heart problems.

The pro-choice candidate for governor, Layton Redman, knows nothing about the research, but he does know that scandal could destroy his campaign. So he arranges an abortion for the unwed staff volunteer who is pregnant with his child. When the woman is involved in a car accident, Matt saves the baby's life. But when Simons discovers that the child is Redman's--one they had planned to use in their research--he seeks to end Matt's career.

Will Matt and his friends gather enough evidence to expose the experiments before Matt gets suspended from practicing medicine? What will happen to Redman's campaign when he learns the baby is alive?

A chilling account that must be read because... someday this could be reality

Genre: Christian
Published: Jun 1994
Publisher: Crossway Books
ISBN13: 9780891078104
ISBN10: 089107810X
Co-Author: M. D. Kraus
Editor: MD Kraus
Pages: 416