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The Cat in the Cage and Other Great Stories for Kids
Paperback  Paperback  
The Cat in the Cage and Other Great Stories for Kids is an exciting collection of stories packed full of adventure for you to read by yourself or with your family. These brand-new stories are funny, exciting, and full of good ways to handle the problems that every kid has. Kids—you'll love reading stories like the one pictured on this book, "The Cat in the Cage." What would you do if your cat was chasing your bird and the building next door caught on fire?

Parents—while your children are reading these entertaining stories, they're also learning about developing self-esteem, dealing with fear, making choices, living in blended families, and many other issues. The stories in this book help your child build a Christian character that will last a lifetime.

Book Specs

Paper Back
Publisher: PPPA
Printed: 1996
Pages: 95

Table of Contents

1 Feathers and Puzzle
2 Emergency!
3 Smoke!
4 Happy to be Arrested!
5 A Skunk by the Tail
6 The Hard Way
7 Just Plain Mean
8 Ollie in a Cage
9 Standing Up to Herk
10 Who Cares?
11 The Big Game
12 Follow the Sunlight
13 Beautiful and Mysterious

Genre: Short Stories
Published: Jul 1996
Publisher: Pacific Pr Pub Assn
ISBN13: 9780816314201
ISBN10: 0816314209