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Milk It: How to Get More Than a Baby Out of the Next Nine Months
Hardcover  Hardcover  
Being a mother means sacrifice and selflessness but being pregnant? From securing a seat on a crowded bus to finagling a lucrative baby shower, 'Milk It' provides the smart and savvy mom-to-be with strategies for making the most of her bump. Techniques for upgrading to a better table in a restaurant, snagging the last donut, and napping at work without getting caught are all outlined in satisfying detail. Sly tips abound for subverting persistent tummy-touchers and doctors who are unsympathetic to stretch marks. Kate Hodson's delightfully dry British wit pairs with bold drawings to make 'Milk It' the essential guide for nine months of rewards.
Genre: Family & Relationships
Published: Jul 2006
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN13: 9780811853118
ISBN10: 081185311X
Co-Author: Alanna Cavanagh
Pages: 107