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For the Love of Murphy
Hardcover  Hardcover  
Dr. Todd Thomas sees at least one bright side to his sister Katie's disastrous arrival in Victor City: she has finally met his best friend Murphy. However, their first encounter was more explosive than Todd ever could have imagined. Wade Murphy is looking forward to stepping down from his post as sheriff. He's sure there is more to life than corralling drunks, disarming bandits, and clearing the streets of pickpockets. He might even like to find a wife and begin a family. But before he leaves office, Murphy must discover the truth of what happened during the stagecoach robbery that left three men dead and one man in a coma. Katie Thomas is the only conscious survivor of the robbery and swears she does not remember the event. Murphy wants to believe her, but if she's being honest, then why do shifty characters keep turning up to ask her where she's hidden the money? It may be his last act as sheriff, but Murphy is determined to find out whether his friend's beautiful sister is as innocent as she looks.
Genre: Romance
Published: Aug 2009
Publisher: Thomas Bouregy & Co
ISBN13: 9780803499669
ISBN10: 0803499663
Pages: 199