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Dreams Don't Last
Hardcover  Hardcover  
It's summer and election fever is running high! Sharyn is running against ex-sheriff Roy Tarnower and the good old boy network that's always run Diamond Springs. Having two unsolved murders and a shooting doesn't help her image. It seems like a crime wave to the small town.

Senator Caison Talbot is one of Sharyn's least favorite people, even though he's engaged to marry her mother. Yet, when he's accused of murder and a long forgotten secret in his past is revealed, she finds herself in the difficult position of defending him and looking for the truth.

Suddenly, Sharyn has more on her hands than she ever thought possible. Roy's ahead in the polls. Sharyn's sister is picked up for shoplifting. And Nick has decided that it's time to be more than friends.

Genre: Mystery & Detective
Published: Dec 2002
Publisher: Thomas Bouregy & Co
ISBN13: 9780803495685
ISBN10: 0803495684
Pages: 192