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For the Last Time
Hardcover  Hardcover  
While cleaning up an old campground for new campers, volunteers discover an old suitcase containing a bloody dress, a ring, and a locket. Sheriff Sharyn Howard takes up the case and traces it back to the unsolved murder of a little camper, Rebecca Liston, that had stumped her grandfather during his term as sheriff, forty-five years before.

Like her grandfather, Sharyn keeps hitting dead-ends and false trails that leave her confused and disheartened. The legend about the unsolved case blames the murder on a devil that haunts the campground, and Sharyn eventually begins to wonder if this may be true. After all, no suspect or motive was ever found in the original case. The locals felt the camp was haunted and jinxed; ultimately deciding to close it down.

Unlike her grandfather, Sharyn continues to delve deeper, defying the fears and cautions of others, determined to solve this case once and for all.

Genre: Mystery & Detective
Published: Aug 2002
Publisher: Thomas Bouregy & Co
ISBN13: 9780803495487
ISBN10: 080349548X
Pages: 192