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That's Amore!
Hardcover  Hardcover  
Love is a defining human quality, one that is inherent to all cultures.  Expressions of love are powerful and magical, wherever you live and whatever language you speak.
That's Amore!  is a captivating collection of the language of love from around the globe, celebrating the universality as well as the diversity of this most sought-after state.  Embracing more than 50 languages, learn how the French flirt and the Danes date.  Discover that while both the French and the Italians are thunder-struck by love coup de foudre and colpo di fulmine respectively, the Spanish are hit with Cupid's arrow fue flechazo.  In Greece, you will be well served to understand the meanings behind the five types of love; philia, eros, agape, storge and xenia.
Cleverly arranged by the stages of love-Love at First Sight, Flirting and Flattery, Declarations of Love, Terms of Endearment, and Lifelong Love and Intimacy-Christopher J. Moore once again enchants linguaphiles with his unique style.  Including feature pages of customs of love from around the world, learn the history and etiquette of the kiss, Cupid and mythology, the symbolism of love and the language of flowers.  Surprising, eclectic, and endearing, this book is the perfect gift for your lover and any lover of words.
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines
Published: Jan 2007
Publisher: St Martins Pr
ISBN13: 9780802715975
ISBN10: 0802715974
Pages: 111