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No More Misbehavin': 38 Difficult Behaviors and How to Stop Them
Paperback  Paperback  
A better behaved child in just 21 days!

"Michele Borba offers insightful, realistic, and straightforward advice that is sure to get immediate results."–Sally Lee, Editor in Chief, Parents Magazine

Fighting, biting, homework battles, temper tantrums, talking back, being mean, rude, or selfish: a few dozen behaviors that drive parents crazy are repeated over and over in the thousands of letters parenting expert Dr. Michele Borba receives at her Web site, in her mailbox at Parents magazine, and in questions from the audiences of parents who come to hear her speak all over the world. In No More Misbehavin’, Borba tackles the most common bad behaviors that drive parents crazy.

In this enormously practical, simple-to-use guide, she shows how to confront and change these behaviors for good. For each negative behavior, Dr. Borba offers a series of key tips and guidelines and outlines a step-by-step plan for a customized makeover that really works. Short and sweet, action-based, and highly focused, these practical solutions to the thirty-eight most common problems are literally just what the doctor ordered for busy and harassed parents the world over. This extraordinarily effective, quick guide is destined to become the ultimate source and constant companion for all parents of children ages three to twelve who want to raise their kids with strong values and good character.

Genre: Family & Relationships
Published: Mar 2003
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
ISBN13: 9780787966171
ISBN10: 0787966177
Co-Author: Jack Canfield
Editor: Jack Canfield
Pages: 352