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A Man Called Trent: And Riders of the Dawn
MP3-CD Audiobook  MP3-CD Audiobook  
A Man Called Trent opens with nester Dick Moffitt lying dead where he was killed by riders. His children, who witnessed the murder, head for safety to a cabin owned by a man called 'Trent,' who is seeking to escape his reputation as a gunfighter. In Riders of the Dawn, a young gunslinger is changed for the better by a meeting with a beautiful woman. A classic range-war western, it features that powerful, romantic, and compelling vision of the American West for which L'Amour's fiction is known.
Genre: Westerns
Published: May 2006
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
ISBN13: 9780786175697
ISBN10: 0786175699
Narrator: Jim Gough
Discs: 1