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Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game
Hardcover  Hardcover  
Avengers Assemble. The second supplement to the Marvel Universe Role-Playing Guide delivers Earth's Mightiest Heroes in all their glory... and most of their lineups. You'll find dozens of new super hero and super-villain profiles, as well as a few surprises, including Character Variants for the Hulk, Thor, Giant-Man, and Iron Man. Add to your campaign with Aliens, demi-gods, super-villains, humanoids, androids and robots. Dive into detailed maps of the Avengers' Mansion and technical plans for the Quinjet. Explore new settings for your adventures, from Wakanda to Asgard. Plus a brand new Marvel Universe Adventure, complete with maps. ยท Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game Guide required to play
Genre: Games & Activities
Published: Oct 2003
Publisher: Diamond Comic Distributors
ISBN13: 9780785111580
ISBN10: 0785111581
Pages: 96