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The Kingdom of Shivas Irons
Paperback  Paperback  
Michael Murphy's Golf in the Kingdom is one of the bestselling golf books of all time and has been hailed as 'a golf classic if any exists in our day' (John Updike) and 'a masterpiece on the mysticism of golf' (San Francisco Chronicle).-'-'Golf in the Kingdom introduced Shivas Irons, the mysterious golf pro and philosopher with whom Murphy played a mythic round of golf on Scotland's Burningbush links, a round that profoundly altered his game--and his vision.

The Kingdom of Shivas Irons is the enchanting story of Murphy's return to Scotland in search of Shivas Irons and his wisdom about golf and human potential.-'-'Murphy's quest takes him from the mystical golf courses of Scotland, across the world to the first Russian Open Golf Championship, and finally to Pebble Beach on the California Coast.-'-'The result is a delightful exploration of the inner game of golf and a provocative inquiry into our remarkable possibilities for growth and transformation.
Genre: Fiction
Published: Oct 1998
Publisher: Broadway Books
ISBN13: 9780767900195
ISBN10: 0767900197
Pages: 336