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Don't Touch That Dial!

In the cutthroat world of-'evening news, where 'if it bleeds it leads' is the industry's lifeblood,-'the dead-last BCN-'network is hemorrhaging viewers.-'-'On the chopping block is million-dollar anchor Kitty Coughlin, who-'is one ratings point away from early termination.-' But when a group of armed men hijack her plane and stage a spectacular near-miss of one of America's most famous landmarks,-'Kitty's-'eyewitness account helps BCN achieve a remarkable ratings-'rally.

Kitty is riding high...until the ratings bubble bursts and her career goes back on life support.-'-'Then the next catastrophe strikes.-'

Wherever Kitty Coughlin goes, disaster -- and ratings gold -- follows.-' Is Kitty's uncanny ability to be at the center of the news storm-'sheer dumb luck or very bad news?-'

Harold W. Smith of the supersecret agency CURE-'knows a thing or two about disaster management.-' He sends in Remo Williams and the remarkable Chiun to tune in, turn off, and pull the plug on whoever is putting Americans at risk.

Genre: Men's Adventure
Published: Jul 2008
Publisher: Tor Books
ISBN13: 9780765360212
ISBN10: 0765360217
Co-Author: James Mullaney
Pages: 279