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Dead Reckoning
Mass Market  Mass Market  
Death takes no holidays.So small it can't be seen with the naked eye.So deadly it can wipe out millions in minutes.If you breathe it, you're already dead...A daring daylight prison break at a top security federal penitentiary frees the infamous '20th hijacker,' the only 9/11 terrorist to miss his flight that September morning.It seems Mustafa Mohammed's been hiding a toxic secret right under the noses of federal authorities.Soon, hundreds start dyingthroughout the country; the CDC classifies the virus responsible as 'UNKNOWN.'Luckily, Dr. Harold W. Smith always knows the most effective treatment for what ails America, and dispatches Remo Williams and his mentor, the magnificent Chiun, to administer the cure.But this time, the usual prescription might not be strong enough.Remo wants to destroy the bio-weapon.The antiwar crowd wants to steal it, the Iranians want to duplicate it, and poor little Mustafa just wants to use it to obliterate an American city and please his supernatural boss: a sinister figure with a skull-like face hell-bent on eliminating mankind.With millions of lives in the balance, this is one day the Destroyer can't call in sick.
Genre: Men's Adventure
Published: Apr 2008
Publisher: Tor Books
ISBN13: 9780765357618
ISBN10: 0765357615
Co-Author: James Mullaney
Pages: 278