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Dead Head
Mass Market  Mass Market  
Brain Surgery or Murder?
When brain surgeon Russell Lawton is abducted at gunpoint by terrorists, he's sure there's a mistake: how could he be useful to them? To his horror, he learns they have kidnapped his only child, eight-year old Angela.  Unless Russell does what they want, they will bury her alive.

To buy time Russell agrees, and is immediately confronted with a seemingly impossible surgical problem.  He must develop an innovative computer that can manipulate a robot by using brain activity. And fast, or his daughter dies.

Why? When Russell finds out why the terrorists need the computer, and how they plan to use it on a human being, he can't believe they're serious. But the consequences for not taking them seriously are his daughter's life,  and the lives of millions of innocent people.
Genre: Thrillers
Published: Feb 2007
Publisher: Tor Books
ISBN13: 9780765355966
ISBN10: 0765355965
Pages: 352