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Tyrannosaur Canyon
Mass Market  Mass Market  
Wealthy veterinarian Tom Broadbent and his now-wife Sally Colorado, the protagonists of the bestselling thriller THE CODEX, return for another dose of derring-do backed by hard science. Shortly after a mysterious assailant shoots prospector Marston "Stem" Weathers in the New Mexico desert, Tom Broadbent encounters the dying man, who hands Tom a notebook filled with numbers and begs him to give the notebook to his daughter. Tom’s efforts to carry out Weathers’s wish lead him to Wyman Ford, a former CIA cryptologist/hacker preparing to become a monk, who realizes that the notebook provides the coordinates to the location of the perfectly preserved fossilized remains of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Of course, there are others looking for the dinosaur...and they’ve already proved that they’re prepared to kill to get there first.
Genre: Science Fiction
Published: Aug 2006
Publisher: Forge
ISBN13: 9780765349651
ISBN10: 0765349655
Pages: 398