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If you could relive your childhood, would you? What if you had no choice? On the thirty-fifth anniversary of his parents mysterious drowning, Jack Koryan returns to his family beach cottage. During a swim, Jack is attacked by a school of rare jellyfish whose toxic stings put him in a coma for three years. When he awakens, he finds that the jellyfish toxin has left him with an extraordinary memory. This discovery is complicated by flashbacks: some, pleasant childhood vignettes; others, confusing flashes of violence that leave him quaking in horror. Jack wonders if hes losing his mind, but that fear is dispelled by Rene Ballard, a pharmacologist working on the worlds first cure for Alzheimers Disease. She wants to test Jack because the basis of her drug is the very jellyfish toxin that sent Jack into a coma. And, while several test patients have miraculously regained functionality, others are also experiencing dangerous flashback seizures. Ballards revelation sets Jack on a quest to discover what is happening to him. He and Rene uncover a sinister pattern of lies and deceit that has left behind a trail of bodies. And several elderly patients are stuck in a past that they cannot emerge fromor perhaps dont want to.
Genre: Medical
Published: Oct 2007
Publisher: Forge
ISBN13: 9780765348531
ISBN10: 0765348535
Pages: 466