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The Best of the Destroyer
Paperback  Paperback  
In combination with the launch of The New Destroyer, brand-new novels continuing this bestselling, action-packed series, Forge is publishing this omnibus of three of the definitive Destroyer novels. Hand-picked by co-creator and co-author Warren Murphy, these three novels serve as both a revisit to the golden age of the series and a great introduction to what Remo Williams and his Sinanju master, Chiun, have been up to for the past thirty years. Included are: The Destroyer: Chinese Puzzle The US President calls upon the service of Remo and Chiun to smash an Asian conspiracy that could lead to a US-China confrontation . . . if the superhuman weapon of destruction fails, it could mean the end of the USA. The Destroyer: Slave Safari There is a secret only Chiun knows. America has committed a sin against him he cannot pardon -- and he will not even share it with Remo Williams, the Destroyer, whom he has taught all his skills and loves as a son. Deep in Africa, countless feuds that have blazed for many centuries are quickly being resolved by death and massacre. A massive conspiracy is unearthed surrounding the centuries-old slave trade, and only Remo can unravel it. The Destroyer: Assassin's Playoff After a brutal fight in the streets of New Jersey, Remo and Chiun find themselves in battle after battle. Their arch-enemy and fellow assassin, the Maestro of Mayhem known as Nuihc, is hoping to knock out his competition. It all comes to a boil in Chiun's hometown in North Korea as the Destroyer finds himself in a fight to the death.
Genre: Thrillers
Published: May 2007
Publisher: Forge
ISBN13: 9780765318008
ISBN10: 0765318008
Co-Author: Richard Sapir
Pages: 342