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Blood on Skates
Paperback  Paperback  
Romantic Suspense: Someone is trying to kill Dr. Michael Boccelli's wife. Trouble is, she's already dead. Michael, hounded by a journalist determined to prove he got away with murder, hides in a small Minnesota town helping his brother Conway run his roller rink. The ink still wet on her divorce papers, Catherine Kirby needs a place to stay while she gets back on her feet. She arrives in the middle of a frigid November to find that her best friend's husband Conway has given away the upstairs apartment she was promised. At first, Kate's biggest problem is figuring out who gets the bed. After Conway is attacked, things get complicated fast. Someone obsessed with Michael's late wife has been murdering women. The trail of bodies stretches across the country, a trail that coincides with Michael's wanderings. When the facts become known, Michael cannot deny that he's obsessed. The killing has started again, and the blood leads straight to him. An unbalanced man accused and cleared of murdering his wife and child. A serial killer on the loose. Kate is betting her life that they are not one and the same.
Genre: Romance
Published: Aug 2004
Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory
ISBN13: 9780759945456
ISBN10: 0759945454
Pages: 220